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Halloween....the second best holiday of the year

What is your favorite holiday? I absolutely, hands down love Christmas! I just adore everything about it. In saying that, a close second is definitely Halloween! Autumn is my season, the changing colors on the trees, the cooler temperatures, rain and sweaters are totally my jam. Halloween has always been right up there with the favorites for one main reason though…the candy. Some people like dressing up the best, others like scary movies but me? I love the candy. Since I was a kid I have been a huge candy person. I can’t seem to shake it, even now as I try to focus on finding more natural treats I still have a huge sweet tooth for candy! I hate to admit that because sugar is seriously so bad for us but, it’s true.

Growing up, my older brother and I used to find the biggest pillow cases we could to go out trick or treating with and wouldn’t come home until it was at least half full, barely able to even carry it. I don’t know how I managed to walk around the entire neighbourhood trick or treating, hauling a pillow case behind me when I could barely make it through the grocery store but hey, priorities I guess! My mom used to always make our Halloween costumes. We didn’t have a ton of money growing up and I don’t think we EVER got a store-bought costume. My favorite was anything that allowed me to wear awful 80’s style makeup and spray color and glitter in my hair! I was an 80’s baby through and through. I think I dressed up as a ‘punk’ or ‘rock star’ more times than I care to admit. Second best was when we both dressed up as ‘hobos’ and my mom stuffed my dad’s old work shirts with newspaper, rubbed soot from the wood burning fireplace on our cheeks and called it a day! For whatever reason, that has always stuck in my memory as a favorite 😊 One year I dressed up as an angel and I remember this man said to me “are you an angel all year?” I remember thinking what a silly question it was, obviously I didn’t wear an angel costume all year! It took me a long time to figure out what he meant! LOL I spent the first half of my childhood in a small town on Vancouver Island right on the ocean. It was pretty cold there at Halloween, one year it even snowed! I hated having to bundle up underneath my costumes before my mom would let me go out. It always ruined the look I was going for!

As you grow up, Halloween becomes more about the parties, dressing up in the type of clothes you’d never get away with any other time of year all in the name of a ‘costume’ and having more fun than most other nights! I’ve always loved going to a party at someone’s house who has taken on the enormous task of setting up amazing props and decorations to try and scare the living you know what out of as many guests as possible! I love that effort and still feel like a kid when I get to experience a true scare at Halloween. That’s even better than candy!

Halloween is all about fun. I have only lived in my current community for about a year (this is my second Halloween here) and the first thing I noticed is how much it feels like the community in which I grew up. Neighbours put up Halloween decorations in their yard, it’s a big deal again and I love it! I feel like that was lost for a while, people didn’t or don’t do these things for whatever reason & I missed it without fully realizing just how much. I remember we used to get hundreds of kids trick or treating to our house when I was younger and the past few years, we were lucky if we got more than 10! I am so grateful for where I am now and for where I get to raise my daughter. I want her to have all the same wonderful memories of these fun times as I do. It’s important to me to make it a big deal for her! In true fashion though as my daughter, she too is already saying she can’t wait for Christmas and Santa LOL

Happy Halloween! 

Much love, Christina xo


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