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What the heck is a subscription box anyway?!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get since creating Discover is ‘what is a subscription box’? You would think I could answer this question easily but it always sort of stumps me for a minute. The simplest answer I give is usually “Discover is a recurring subscription to a health and wellness box featuring locally made products from the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland”. While this is the basic gist of what the box is, it doesn’t really sound all that interesting or exciting! I’ve struggled to find a better way to accurately describe what it is; that the Discover Lifestyle subscription box is so much more than that boring description! I want the answer to capture the feeling, the experience, the love and care I have put into creating this box for you but I’m finding it rather difficult to put this into words. I’m going to attempt to explain it here, in a general sense as well as in terms of what Discover is to me because although it is a subscription box in the simple definition, it is also much, much more!

The general description of a subscription box is a physical product purchased on a recurring basis through some form of membership that delivers multiple products to the customer on a regularly occurring delivery schedule. The box itself is usually based on a certain theme or genre with an element of surprise regarding the actual, specific items inside each time it is delivered. People sign up (or subscribe) for the box if they are interested in the type of products that the subscription provider has advertised and then receive their box in the mail. The delivery schedule usually follows a monthly or quarterly pattern. Now I said that this was a general definition and it truly is just that, general. It’s missing all of the key elements that make these products so great!

Subscription boxes are a concept. They are fun and frivolous, exciting and fulfilling. The Fabfitfun box was the first one I came across via some social media platform and I really wanted it, at first. I love a good surprise, I love gifts and I love getting mail (as long as it’s not bills!) just as much as the next girl! Sign me up. The problem was, and this is why I never subscribed, that I really wanted to shift my focus on supporting smaller, local businesses and finding healthy and natural alternatives for the kinds of products offered. I never stopped thinking about it though, I just really loved the idea that much!

Discover is so much more than the description above, or at least I hope it is and will be for you! My dream is to provide all of my subscribers with an amazing experience, with a feeling and sense of delight when they receive their Discover box in the mail. Four times per year a little box full of joy and excitement arrives especially for you, lovingly curated to surprise and put a smile on your face. I want to provide new products you can feel good about using that are good for your body, mind and soul as well as the Earth from which they came. I am proud of what Discover offers and feel good about sharing each and every one of the products featured with you! A subscription box should be more than just a package of items. It is something that builds excitement and anticipation within you that you can’t wait to receive. Discover makes getting the mail fun again!  

I think that is a much better answer to the question ‘what is a subscription box?’ It is an experience, an amazing and beautiful experience curated with love to put a smile on your face and bring a little joy into your day! I can’t wait to send out the first set of boxes for you all and to put the excitement back into going to the mailbox! I know you’re going to love everything about them.

Much love,

Christina xo


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