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Why a blog is helpful to an online business

What is the purpose of a blog? I am just learning here but to me it’s a place where I can write about my journey, my thoughts, opinions and what lies behind the box...me. In a way it’s like my journal. I believe in the power of journaling but have never been able to consistently stick with it. It’s one of those things that I do when things aren’t going well, when I’m hurting or feeling lost but then as things straighten out again, journaling always falls to the wayside. Strange how this process of blogging is becoming similar for me but now I’m sharing it with an audience! Journals are usually kept private, but blogging is the exact opposite. The point is to have people read and engage with what you write. Sharing my thoughts and opinions on an array of subjects is done for myself but also for you to read and comment on with your own thoughts and opinions. I am using the blog as a place to document my journey with Discover and to hopefully engage you as the reader with my passion and drive to create something amazing!

I have to say that the most difficult part of blogging, for me, is to think of topics on which to write. I want to provide useful and interesting material while staying true to myself and writing what is relevant to my path. I enjoy putting my thoughts onto the page, recounting memories of when I was a child and putting out there my ever-changing opinion on various topics. I have no idea if it’s of any interest to you as a reader, all I can do is hope that something resonates at some point so that you keep coming back to read more. I don’t want to offend, sound judgemental or too opinionated on any topic…or be plain and boring! I try to inject a bit of light heartedness and humour into what I’m writing, that’s me. Reading words of someone that are personal to their journey is hard when you have no idea of that person’s characteristics, mannerisms or personality. How do you know the tone of the story when you’re reading it? For me and in my writing, it’s usually easy-going and light, sarcastic, funny and honest!

Back to the choosing of topics on which to write…it’s HARD! I am a total type A personality so when I do something, I want to do it right and be the best at it! There is no in between. I want to be engaging and interesting, approachable and knowledgeable. I want you to read my words and feel confident in the information I provide, to feel a connection to what I say and how I speak. I want you to feel like I’m talking to you as an old friend, telling a story that I love and can’t wait to share! I know that words on a page don’t always convey the full meaning of a message, but you can be sure that each word I write, each post I publish on this page is done so with love and intention. I write for myself, but I also hope that you enjoy reading it! I want to connect with you and provide you with insight into who I am outside of social media posts. I want you to trust and feel confident in my commitment to the products I choose for you each season.

As social media is marginally (at best) representative of real life, this blog and these posts are a better way to convey who I am as the person behind the Discover box. I hope to instill confidence in you that I genuinely do what I do for the love of providing amazing products to you, a valued member of the Discover family! I want you to love each item as much as I do, for real. I know it all sounds sales gimmicky and marketing heavy but it’s the truth! My hope is that through my writing and posts, you can get to know me and feel confident in that statement.

The online world is big and crazy, getting bigger by the second. It’s hard to know what is real and what isn’t. I want Discover to be something that you can count on and trust. I want you to know that there is a person behind the box who genuinely loves these products and knows with all her heart that you will too! There is nothing worse then falling for some amazing online marketing platform only to receive the product and find it’s nothing like you had hoped, spirits crushed! I promise you that won’t happen with Discover! I guarantee it 😊  

What would you like to read about? Leave me some comments below with your thoughts and ideas! I’d love to hear from you!

Much love, Christina xo

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  • Looking forward to whatever you decide to write about…what a great idea sharing such personal feeling and events from your everyday life. I’m already looking forward to what you may blog about…keep it up Christina 😘😘

    Barrie on

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