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Behind the Box

Halloween....the second best holiday of the year

What is your favorite holiday? I absolutely, hands down love Christmas! I just adore everything about it. In saying that, a close second is definitely Halloween! Autumn is my season, the changing colors on the trees, the cooler temperatures, rain and sweaters are totally my jam. Halloween has always been right up there with the favorites for one main reason though…the candy. Some people like dressing up the best, others like scary movies but me? I love the candy. Since I was a kid I have been a huge candy person. I can’t seem to shake it, even now as...

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What the heck is a subscription box anyway?!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get since creating Discover is ‘what is a subscription box’? You would think I could answer this question easily but it always sort of stumps me for a minute. The simplest answer I give is usually “Discover is a recurring subscription to a health and wellness box featuring locally made products from the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland”. While this is the basic gist of what the box is, it doesn’t really sound all that interesting or exciting! I’ve struggled to find a better way to accurately describe what it is; that...

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Why shopping local matters

Do you ever wonder why it’s better to support local small businesses rather than shop at larger chain stores? Do you think the ‘shop local movement’ is a trend that will soon fade? That small, niche stores claiming to provide healthier products are overpriced? Do you even think of these things when you shop or do you just look for the most convenient and cost effective options? I never understood how or why shopping at large chain stores negatively impacted local economies, nor did I really care. I didn’t think about my consumer choices much more than where could I...

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Finding Courage to Dream the Dream

If you had told me a year ago that I’d be sitting here, alone on a Saturday evening, in my own townhouse (well technically not mine, I rent for now but that’s a story for another day) writing a blog post for a business that I created I would have laughed at you, hysterically. Never would I have imagined myself in the place I am right now, literally and figuratively speaking. I’m not going to get into the details of the past year but rest assured, it has been a serious game changer. So here I sit, alone in my...

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