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Behind the Box

See the Forest for the Trees

I’ve debated writing this post. It’s one I want to share but it’s hard to write personal stories in a way that feels appropriate. This one is all about one of my biggest inspirations, my dad. My dad was a forester, first and foremost. A true Pacific Northwest boy with a deep love of the forest that surrounds us. He grew up in a small town on northern Vancouver Island within the trees of my grandpa’s 40-acre property. Sustainable forestry was his passion. He spent his early days in and out of logging camps, most of his time spent away...

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The Ugly Truth Behind the Beauty Counter

When you think of living a healthy lifestyle, what is it that you think of? If you’re like most people, its probably exercising and eating right. We don’t often think about changing what we use on our skin, our shampoo or other beauty products as part of living a healthier life. It’s crazy the things that we would never dream of ingesting but will put on our skin or use on our bodies daily. For whatever reason, changing our skincare routines and making more informed choices regarding our skincare products has seen a much slower shift in focus. To put...

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Why a blog is helpful to an online business

What is the purpose of a blog? I am just learning here but to me it’s a place where I can write about my journey, my thoughts, opinions and what lies behind the In a way it’s like my journal. I believe in the power of journaling but have never been able to consistently stick with it. It’s one of those things that I do when things aren’t going well, when I’m hurting or feeling lost but then as things straighten out again, journaling always falls to the wayside. Strange how this process of blogging is becoming similar for...

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Halloween....the second best holiday of the year

What is your favorite holiday? I absolutely, hands down love Christmas! I just adore everything about it. In saying that, a close second is definitely Halloween! Autumn is my season, the changing colors on the trees, the cooler temperatures, rain and sweaters are totally my jam. Halloween has always been right up there with the favorites for one main reason though…the candy. Some people like dressing up the best, others like scary movies but me? I love the candy. Since I was a kid I have been a huge candy person. I can’t seem to shake it, even now as...

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What the heck is a subscription box anyway?!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get since creating Discover is ‘what is a subscription box’? You would think I could answer this question easily but it always sort of stumps me for a minute. The simplest answer I give is usually “Discover is a recurring subscription to a health and wellness box featuring locally made products from the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland”. While this is the basic gist of what the box is, it doesn’t really sound all that interesting or exciting! I’ve struggled to find a better way to accurately describe what it is; that...

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