What's in the Box? – Discover Lifestyle FV Subscription box

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What's in the Box?


2019 Discover Winter Box


The Discover Winter box is the launch box of the seasonal subscriptions. Featuring 6 amazing vendors, the Winter box has a value of $140CAD. 


Strings & Things - Abbotsford, BC  

Strings & Things started out as a hobby. I started knitting when I was 6 years old! I kept my little hobby a secret for a long time until I wore one of my scarves in high school and received so many compliments on it and even made my first sale!

This business has been a long journey, starting off with soaps and chapsticks then moving on to knitted dishcloths. It took me a while to make toques which only began a few years ago.

I'm always striving to do better and to provide high quality products and patterns to my community. What used to be a private method used to create mindfulness within myself has led to an amazing small business which I am so proud of.



Empire of Sass - Pitt Meadows, BC

It all started in 2014 with a few mason jar and pallet projects...we called ourselves Cedar and Stain and quickly started to get repeat customers asking us to expand our scope. Soon we were making cedar furniture, signs, and even embellished mugs!

Fast forward to 2018...we have discovered people freakin' love drinking...coffee, so we ditched the mason jars and pallets and focused solely on our mugs. Each and every mug is printed for durability, dishwasher and microwave safe and handmade with a little bit (ok a lot) of sass!



Moonlight Jewels Co - Vancouver, BC  

Moonlight Jewels was born because I knew my love for jewelry could be intertwined with the healing powers of crystals and stones. Jewelry can be so much more than just a compliment to an outfit, it can HEAL you and nurture your emotional needs.

I came up with Moonlight Jewels because I like cleansing my crystals in the moonlight, the best way to cleanse! Focused on the healing energy and power of crystals, each handcrafted piece of jewelry is made from raw crystals, each with their own spiritual and healing energies. 


Featured in the Winter box is a pair of Rose Quartz studs. Each pair is handmade using a surgical steel base to ensure minimal irritation. Rose quartz is known as a stone for self-love, self esteem and unconditional love. It is known to open the Heart Chakra up to love in all forms.


So Luxury - Mission, BC 

So Luxury is the "baby" of two best friends, created as an alternative to other bath products on the market when one of the founder's son was a baby. All of their products are organic, plant based and made with natural, non toxic ingredients. The name So was chosen from their joint Irish heritage and means luxury. 

-Amanda & Shyla

Featured in the box is the Blush Soak which starts off with their signature Coco Oat Milk Bath enriched with Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salts. The Coco Oat Milk baths are all natural, vegan and free of toxins, parabens and carcinogens. They are made with 100% organic good-grade ingredients, natural rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E and saponins. This blend is perfect to sooth sore muscles and relax your tensions away after a long day!


Canvas Candle Co - Port Moody, BC  

Canvas Candle Co was created out of the need for a clean and safe burning home décor accessory that everyone can feel great about.

All candles are 100% ecosoy wax, scented using phthalate free fragrance oils and/or essential oils, use cotton wicks, are hand poured for consistency and quality and are always as natural as possible.


Featured in the box is a 6oz gold tin candle made with 100% soy wax. The Best Coast candle captures the essence of living on the West Coast with the sweet scents of evergreen and cedarwood rooted with an earthy vetiver essential oil. This candle will burn up to 45 hours if cared for properly.


New Moon Tea Co - Chilliwack, BC  

Inspired by ancient traditions and preventative health our teas are herbalist made in BC, Canada from only the finest organic ingredients.

We believe that good herbal tea should come from the land around us, just as our food does. We want our teas to have a traceable origin that we can be proud of. We want to use energy, water and materials more responsibly and we want this to show in our products, branding and packaging.

At New Moon Tea Co we are building strong relationships with our partners, farms and customers and we aim to create a shared space of health and wellness.


Featured in the box is one of two blends created for the Winter 2018/2019 season.

Winter Earl Grey tea is a seasonal twist on the classic Early Grey. It has a smooth taste with hints of Christmas spices that will make you want to curl up by a hot fire and dream of untouched, snowy mountains.

Honey Bush Cider tea is a seasonal selection. It has a sweet and smooth taste with hints of cinnamon spice and apples that resemble a hot steaming cup of apple cider.