Why Discover? – Discover Lifestyle FV Subscription box

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Why Discover?

Discover Lifestyle is proud to showcase local BC products made by small businesses within your community.
Featured items are always ethically and sustainably sourced, all natural, plant based, cruelty free and chemical/toxin free.
Focused on providing healthy alternatives for health and wellness products that are proven effective and of the highest quality, Discover delivers a curated box of lifestyle items that will pamper and delight you as soon as you receive it. 
Proudly Canadian, Discover is always mindful of this beautiful country we call home and values making greener choices to minimize the environmental footprint we leave. Collaborations are done with like minded businesses only and you can trust when supporting Discover and purchasing your subscription, you are supporting a healthier you while making a difference for the planet.
Shop local and support your communities and the small businesses within while you discover amazing products that are made right next door! 
With the rise in the 'buy local' movement there are options to supporting small businesses more than ever before so why should you choose Discover?
Experience the best of BC throughout the year with a variety of different items delivered direct to you each season and save.
Just how much do you save?
Seasonal subscription cost $89.95
 Standard shipping rate $15
Total $105 + tax
Purchase items direct $140
Shipping items direct $80
Total $220 + tax
Save $115+ with the Discover subscription box
*Based on Canada Post shipping rates within BC.